Acknowledgements to wiki. View from the Pennine Way of the Vale of Edale, approximately 1km from the Old Nag's Head. The village is obscured by trees towards the left of the picture half way up.


Edale Valley Walk,

Peak District

16th - 18th July 2010




Having just coursed our way back up the dirt track from Jagger's Clough up the hillside, we headed for the Roman Road leading from Hope Cross but never quite reaching it. Turning left and heading west, we reached Crookstone Barn, just when it began to rain heavily. We took shelter under the trees, though not much shelter was to be had, if the truth be told. It was cold and damp and we used the opportunity as a lunch and tea break. Continuing on to the higher ground of Crookstone Out Moor, we were now for all intents and purposes on Kinder Scout. Dave Ashby then haired off up higher to find Crookstone Knoll, I think it was. I had wondered whether we were at all close to the route we had taken here in 2008 along the back of Kinder Scout following the Valley along the Ashop River however this was not the case. We were miles from it and since we were heading west, would only join that path coming from a northerly direction, near The Nab, closer to Edale! We were quite high up, nonetheless, so much so that we could see the the path across Crookstone Hill we had just crossed, as well as Ladybower Reservoir, now in the distance. We reached a waterfall on a brook which flowed down towards Jagger's Clough, crossing the path we were on. We could see the dirt track that led to Clough Farm, which we had taken by mistake after leaving Backside Wood. The sun came out and we took a moment to enjoy the wonderful view across Edale Valley, tracing the path we had taken that morning along the Great Ridge towards Lose Hill from Mam Tor. Our route continued along Ringing Roger, until we began our descent down towards The Nab and finally into Edale.


Views from the path leading up from Jaggers Clough to the Roman Road.


The route from Fieldhead Campsite in Edale via Hollins Cross & Lose Hill (south of the River Noe), Edale End, Crookstone Hill and Ringing Roger (north of the River Noe).


The path from Jaggers Clogh reaches a gate near Crookstone Barn.


View from Crookstone Barn of the path leading up towards Mam Tor, on the opposite side of the Vale of Edale.


View from Crrokstone Barn.


On the path up Crookstone Hill leading away from Crookstone Barn.


View along the path up Crookstone Hill in the direction of Hope Cross.


View east along the Crookstone Hill path.


View of the sharp bend in the track near Jagger's Clough as it heads towards Clough Farm. Ladybower Reservoir lies to the left (out of photo).


View across Crookstone Hill towards Ladybower Reservoir, the path across that we had just come up from Crookstone Barn, visible on the left.


View from the path along Crookstone Out Moor (Kinder Scout), with Crookstone Hill, Ladybower Reservoir and Jagger's Clough track.


The River Noe is a tributary of the River Derwent in Derbyshire. It flows approximately 12 km from its source, the confluence of two streams running off Kinder Scout in the Peak District, east through Edale and then southeast through the village of Hope. The river flows into the River Derwent a kilometre south of Bamford. Edale is best known to serious walkers as the start of the Penine Way, the source generally regarded as the Nags Head pub at the top end of the village, a former smithy dating back to 1577. The plateau of Kinder Scout lies to the north. Edale is the site of an historic cotton mill built in 1795 on the site of a corn mill and tannery by Nicholas Cresswell in partnership with James Harrison, Robert Blackwell and Joseph Fletcher. Workers were brought in from the towns and accommodated in cottages and in a nearby house called Skinners Hall. Many of the women workers walked each day from Castleton over the thousand-foot Hollins Cross pass. The mill continued spinning cotton until around 1940 but then fell into disuse. It was restored in the early 1970s by the Landmark Trust who sold off six of the apartments to fund the restoration. The Landmark Trust retain one apartment as holiday accommodation.


The stream flowing across the path along Crookstone Out Moor down towards Jagger's Clough.


The waterfall along Crookstone Out Moor.


View from Kinder Scout across Edale Valley towards Lose Hill (left) and Backtor (right).


Sheep grazing along Ringing Roger path whilst we view the splendour of Edale Valley and Mam Tor (in the distance).


View on the descent on the path down The Nab into Edale, the lower section of the path to Grindslow Knoll visible on the opposite side.


Dave Ashby and Bob Smith as the path zigzags down The Nab.  The path up to Grindslow Knoll is clearly visible.


View across Edale Valley and the lower section of the path up to Grindslow Knoll.


View up Grindsbrook Clough to the Kinder Scout plateau.


View of the village of Edale from The Nab, on the descent of Kinder Scout, with Mam Tor on the opposite side of the valley.


The ridge along the southern edge of KinderScout plateau with Grindsbrook Clough leading down from it, clearly visible.


Loving the sunshine after the day's walk (L-R) Maeve, John, Bob, Andy & Dave.


View towards Kinder Scout up Crowden Brook.


The troops on the slopes just above Edale, with the road


These land demarcations in the Edale Valley have probably been there for centuries.


View from the bridge across Grindsbrook, Edale; The spire of Edale's Holy Trinity Church and the road leading out of Edale Valley towards Mam Tor from Barber Booth.



View up the road leading past Nags Head pub, start of the Pennine Way; Ivy on the walls of an Edale cottage.


Neat flower pots at an Edale cottage.


Edale's Holy Trinity Church.


Our tents (mine in the foreground) at Fieldhead campsite, Edale.


We headed straight back to our campsite, dispensing with the traditional stop at the Nags Head pub. Besides, it had been a long walk and we had a barbeque to prepare for that evening. The routine of washing up is shared by all. After breakfast the next morning, we took our tents down and packed up, assisting John Adams with the arduous task of also taking down the mess tent, which, though dated and somewhat cumbersome in design, had served us well over the years. I think I recall sitting in front as we left Edale via Castleton, to avoid the nauseating sensation that had overcome me on the way up Friday. Mathew had fallen asleep in the back and it was only well down the M1, after having stopped en route for a break and tea, that he surfaced again.


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