Travelling Europe



Documented in this section of the website are brief descriptions of trips undertaken to the European continent, extracted from original audio tapes or diaries kept during the course of each personal venture.  My last European trip in 1998 was the first which placed on my website.  I am currently  engaged in re-creating the details of my very first trip, with photographs, undertaken way back in 1979-80, when I spent three months as a student in Germany.  Though it is clear that the relevance of each encounter has more meaning for me personally than for anyone else, I have attempted to make the content as interesting as possible.  There is no doubt that a website is the ideal vehicle in attempting to achieve this.



[Europe 79-80]   [ Europe 88]   [Europe 98]    [Spain 2001]

 [Budapest 2006]

[Munich & Nuremberg, 2006]

[Lorelei, St Goarshausen 2007]

[Lorelei, St Goarshausen 2008]

[Poland 2007]

[Vienna - Budapest 2008]

[Schweinfurt - Wuerzberg 2009]

[Zoetermeer - Den Haag, Netherlands 2009]]



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