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"The music of Chris Wood was not known to me prior to this festival. I found his soft style engaging, his lyrics dry, witty, yet cynical, satirical, passionately supporting the underdog, a troubadour for the common man. His guitar has a great sound too."




What has been said about Chris Wood.....

Chris Wood is an English folk musician and composer who plays fiddle, viola and guitar, and sings. He is an ardent enthusiast for traditional English dance music (with a background in English church music), including Morris and other rituals and ceremonies, but his repertoire also includes much French folk music and traditional Québécois material. He is also famous for having worked with various groups, including being  part of the English Acoustic Collective. At the BBC radio 2 Folk Awards 2006, the Best Original Song category was won by Chris Wood and storyteller Hugh Lupton for "One in a Million", a modern retelling of a widespread traditional tale in which a lost ring is rediscovered in the stomach of a fish. He was also nominated in three other categories: Best Album (for "The Lark Descending"), Best Traditional Track ("Lord Bateman"), and Folk Singer of the Year. In 2009, the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards recognised Chris as Folk Singer of the Year, and "Trespasser" was also recognised as Album of the Year.









Chris Wood - Vocals &Guitar




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