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"I have seen Kate Rusby on numerous occasions and she remains a darling of traditional English folk music. I have been a huge fan for some time and have added practically all her cds to my music collection. At Folk By The Oak, an expectant Kate Rusby (with six weeks to go), seated throughout, was introduced as 'Kate Rusby and Bump'. She gave a typically professional performance" despite the weather conditions (the audience bearing the brunt of it) and the enormous racket created by the fireworks display during her final couple of songs, which didn't seem to put her off. She is an absolute honey and with the melancholy yet exquisite voice of hers, never fails to melt the hearts of the audience who come to see her."





What has been said about Kate Rusby....

Kate Anna Rusby (born 4 December 1973 in Sheffield), is an English folk singer and songwriter from South Yorkshire. Sometimes known as The Barnsley Nightingale, she has headlined various British national folk festivals, and is regarded as one of the most famous English folk singers of contemporary times. In 2001 The Guardian described her as "a superstar of the British acoustic scene." In 2007 the BBC website described her as "The first lady of young folkies". She is one of the few folk singers to have been nominated for the Mercury Prize.

Rusby was born into a family of musicians. After learning to play the guitar, the fiddle, and the piano, as well as to sing, she played in many local folk festivals as a child and adolescent, before joining (and becoming the lead vocalist of) the all-female Celtic folk band The Poozies. Her breakthrough album came in 1995. A collaboration with her friend and fellow Barnsley folk singer Kathryn Roberts was simply titled "Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts". In 1997, with the help of her family, she recorded and released her first solo album, "Hourglass". Since then she has gone on to receive acclaim in her home country and abroad, and her family continues to help her with all aspects of her professional career.

The Scottish fiddler John McCusker (formerly of the Battlefield Band) produced most of Rusby's recordings up to "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly" and played in her band. They married in August 2001, but are now divorced.Rusby and her partner Damien O'Kane are expecting their first child in early September 2009.


Kate Rusby - Vocals & Guitar


Damien O'Kane - Vocals, Guitar & Banjo


Andy Cutting - Diatonic Accordion






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