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Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, having lived in Tokai. 

  • Discover the area and the ghost of Tokai Manor House and read about the devastating January 2000 Cape fires!
  • Read accounts of some interesting local South African hikes such as the Kruger National Park Wolhuter Trail - a Walk in the Wild!
  • After a four-year absence, a return to Cape Town. Three hikes up Table Mountain National Park are documented, following the Boland Trail.
  • Cycling in the Karoo and exploring Bushman Rock Art in the eastern Cedarberg.

All linked via my South African page. 


Based in the United Kingdom since May 2001.
  • Initially, I lived in Welwyn but have since relocated to Royston, 13 miles south of Cambridge.  Snowfalls grip the UK - February, 2009.   
  • Travelling the UK has been an endless journey with each day offering a new, surreal experience.  Photos and text of UK hiking activities. My work experience has taken me to Ireland, where I have spent a few weekends exploring The Dingle Peninsula, the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher..

All linked via my UK page.


  • A list of jazz/rock/classical music concerts I've been to has been added.  The list includes forthcoming concert dates.
  • London Hyde Park Hard Rock Calling 2008 Concert featuring Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow and John Mayer.
  • Lorelei Progressive Rock festival 2013.
  • Moya Brennan at The Union Chapel, North London.
  • Folk By The Oak, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, feat. Kate Rusby.
  • Jon Anderson plays Tribute To Freedom at Devin Castle, Bratislava

  All linked via my Concerts page





A first ever visit to the USA!
  • Taking in the Californian coastline, Yosemite, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon, in a whistle stop tour!  First leg, California - Nevada, Utah, Arizona to follow.
  • A business trip to the USA afforded me time to view the Pacific Northwest around Oregon and stop over in Napa, California.

All linked via my USA page.

On holiday in the USA, Death Valley, Nevada.

An Asia page added for the first time.
  • A 5-week business trip to Chennai, India, November 2011, marked my first visit to the Indian sub-continent. Hopefully it won't be my last!

All linked via my Asia page.

A South American page added for the first time.
  • A unique 21-day trip, starting in Buenos Aires, which took us through the Argentinean and Chilean Patagonian lakes region, from 7th March to 28th March, 2010.

All linked via my South American page.

Research into my family genealogy.
  • For a historical perspective - the memoirs of Edward Groves, dating back to 1900, and his link to Sir Harry Lauder, the long and the short of it, aye!
  • Images of Meldin cottage, Lesbury, Northumberland, then and now.
  • Current research into the Genealogy of the Groves family.

All linked via my Genealogy page. 


Europe over the years....

  • Also documented is a visit to Malaga, Granada and Seville, southern Spain, late 2001.
  • First visit to Budapest since 1988!  Read about Ritchie, the state-of-the-art alarm system!
  • Visiting my Hungarian friend , Zoltan, in Munich, over Christmas.
  • A visit to Poland for the Caamora Project
  • A visit to Vienna and Budapest, 2008.
  • A visit to Schweinfurt and Wuerzberg in Germany to meet my "backside" neighbours!

All linked via my Europe page.


A 46-day African overland tour including Kilimanjaro!

  • August of 1996 - a Whichway adventures Cape - Kenya tour. This opened up a new path of adventure for me personally.

Gilman's Point, Mt Kilimanjaro @ 5895 metres ASL.  Is it my imagination or is the sign upside down - must be the altitude sickness.   All links to countries visited, via my WhichWay Adventures tour page.



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