Kinder Scout (Edale), Peak District

- Camping -

6th - 8th June 2008




Stunning rock formations.


View down Fair Brook, looking east.


At this juncture, they don't look too happy, do they.


Martin enjoys a cuppa.


The amicable Bob is all smiles.


It's all too much for John, so he takes his customary forty winks.


Along Seal Edge.


View across from Seal Edge.


Along Seal Edge, looking back towards Fair Brook.


Seal Edge.


Discussing where we would cut across the Kinder Plateau to reach the southern edge on the Edale side


Looking down Blackden Brook.


Descending the southern edge towards Edale, approaching The Nab.


Vale of Edale.


Martin gets instructions from The Missus - down The Nab with a view across towards Grinds Brook.


Meandering down The Nab.


Valley above Edale bathed in sunshine, Kinder Plateau southern edge visible on the right.


The walk had been fairly arduous, to say the least and we had earned a drink or two at the Nag's Head, sitting out in the courtyard at the back, which was pretty well occupied with clientelle. At the campsite, we held an evening barbeque, washed down with a fair bit of wine. The next day the sun was out and it turned into a truly humid day. The Edale Kinder marathon was planned for that day and hundreds of runners made their way up to the plateau, a certain distance along the southern edge and back down again, in the sweltering heat. We took our tents down after breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, an effort by all concerned. It had been a great walk and a great weekend and reminded me how much I love these Xerox hiking weekends, particularly the camping trips.


Nag's Head pub, official start of the Pennine Way.


All smiles after an arduous walk and a cider.


A large thumbs-up from Martin; Clowning with Steve; Well-earned beers and ciders downed at Nag's Head.


I returned the way I came into the valley, via Sparrowpit. On the way back I stopped to take some photos at Monsal Head, near Buxton. I also stopped for lunch in Bakewell, ordering a "senior citizen's" portion of Sunday roast - with Yorkshire pudding - which turned out to be a more than ample portion. Not able to resist purchasing a sample of the traditional Bakewell tart and pudding or the road, so to speak, I relented. I reached home in Royston around 17h35 and watched Germany versus Poland on TV, in the Euro 2008 Championship being held in Austria and Switzerland.


View of Mam Tor, above Castleton, from Fieldhead campsite.


All packed up and ready to go; Martin bids us farewell; Athlete approaching the finish line during the Edale Marathon, Sunday 18th May.


Edale Holy Trinity Church.



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