My brief comments (for what it's worth) - SATURDAY:

STEVE HACKETT & BAND - [Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett performed with a band of really talented musicians, playing a set of solo songs quite different to the music created with his former super-group, whom I had never seen before, though I have always been a fan, particularly the era dominated by Steve Hackett. I guess people would expect to hear some of the old Genesis classics at a live gig and they weren't disappointed.  Great band and great sound. Line-up: The band comprised Roger King on keyboards, Gary O'Toole drums, Nick Beggs bass guitar and Rob Townsend brass and woodwind. I managed to secure a Hackett autograph at Frankfurt (Hahn) airport, as did many others. My Lorelei Festival ticket was running out of real estate by now! I chatted to bassist Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo fame, as I was really keen to hear of his involvement with Celtic band Iona on a couple of their earlier albums. He did say that he had learnt a lot from his earlier experiences with that band. Nick had contributed tracks to Iona guitarist Dave Bainbridge's album Songs For Luca, to raise funds for his autistic son.]

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Steve Hackett - Acoustic & Electric Guitars


Roger King on keyboards


Nick Beggs - Bass guitar


Gary O'Toole - drums and Nick Beggs - Chapman Stick


Nick Beggs - The Chapman Stick



Nick Beggs - Bass guitar


Gary O'Toole - drums and Nick Beggs - bass guitar


Rob Townsend - brass and woodwind


THE LORELEI PROG ROCK FESTIVAL, ST. GOARSHAUSEN, GERMANY - 2009 - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]   





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