My brief comments (for what it's worth) - SATURDAY:

MARILLION'S SCRIPT FOR A JESTER'S TEARSHOW by Mick Pointer & Friends - [Chris, the friend I had travelled with to this year's Lorelei, was a huge fan of the Fish-era Marillion band and not of the present band, which is where we probably have a difference of opinion. Script For A Jester's Tear was Marillion's first album, released in 1983. This is the only album to feature drummer Mick Pointer, who left the band and formed Arena. It may be argued that the band were heavily influenced by the Peter Gabriel- era Genesis in the adoption of musical & visual ideas to create a piece of rock music theatre. This performance at Lorelei was therefore intended to be a celebration the original album but also of that era. Scottish vocalist Brian Cummings, of Genesis tribute band Carpet Crawlers fame, looks and sounds the part, dominating the stage with his irrepressible personality. It was a hugely enjoyable performance and the crowd of Marillion-diehards obviously thought so too. At this stage of the proceedings, I was exhausted, having been taking photographs since midday. So for this performance, I only managed to snap a few from where I was sitting further back in the arena. The line-up: Mick Pointer - drums (Ex-Marillion, Arena); Nick Barrett - Guitars (Pendragon); Ian Salmon - Bass (Arena); Mike Varty - Keyboards (Credo, Landmark) and Brian Cummings - Vocals (Carpetcrawlers)].





Brian Cummings - Vocals (Carpetcrawlers)


Nick Barrett - Guitars (Pendragon) and Mike Varty - Keyboards (Credo, Landmark)


Brian Cummings - Vocals (Carpetcrawlers) certainly looks the part - Fish reincarnated.


Nick Barrett - Guitars (Pendragon); Ian Salmon - Bass (Arena).


Genesis tribute band Carpetcrawlers' lead vocalist Brian Cummings


Ian Salmon - Bass (Arena) and Brian Cummings - Vocals (Carpetcrawlers)


Nick Barrett - Guitars (Pendragon)


And so it was that another Lorelei Festival came to a successful conclusion. This venue, formerly called the Rock Pallast, which closed down some 15 years ago, was rejuvenated by WIV Entertainment about four years ago. Whether more such events will follow, remains to be seen. Sunday morning we surface from our tents and for the first time that weekend, the weather proved unkind to us. It began to rain as I took down my tiny new acquisition. We packed our things into the car and after stopping for breakfast at St Goarshausen, we took a slow drive up to Koblenz. Uppermost in our priorities was to attempt to locate an Internet cafe, in order to print out a return Ryan Air boarding pass, to avoid the rip-off airline from making any more  money out of us. Knowing Germany on a Sunday, everything is shut. Our luck was in. Whilst I sorted out mine, Chris returned to the car to get his passport and then in the process, lost a credit. We had time for a coffee and some cake before we bad Koblenz goodbye, for now at least. Such a civilized country this is. We dropped off our car at the car hire and boarded our flights around 18h00. Several of the musicians were at the airport, including Steve Hackett, Nick Beggs and Nick Barrett (of Pendragon). The only memento available, our Lorelei tickets, proved adequate in securing a few autographs.

Once again, I was happy to have been able to take photographs which I enjoy so much; nevertheless, I began to realise that I would be able to achieve so much more if I were to be able to gain access to the official photographer's den. Jostling for position with other spectators behind the barrier can be a major hindrance.


THE LORELEI PROG ROCK FESTIVAL, ST. GOARSHAUSEN, GERMANY - 2009 - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]   





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