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THE LORELEI PROG ROCK FESTIVAL, ST. GOARSHAUSEN, GERMANY - 2017 - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]






My brief comments (for what it's worth):

MARILLION - [Marillion, with Steve Hogarth at the helm, had previously headlined Lorelei Night of the Prog in 2014. It was due to the withdrawal of Kansas that they once more graced the stage in 2017. Marillion always put on a great show. The strength of the band has always been about the overall sound rather than individual brilliance. Marillion's compositions soar with intensity and emotion, rarely embracing the endless time signature changes traditionally associated with 70's prog bands like YES or Emerson Lake & Palmer. Their' approach is somewhat more measured and precise. According to this review of their historic, momentous sold-out Royal Albert Hall show that highlights just what this band have achieved, "it is keyboardist Mark Kelly's intelligent soundscapes and delicate synth textures that define the sound of the band".

Their setlist for the Lorelei event:  The Invisible Man, El Dorado: I. Long-Shadowed Sun, El Dorado: II. The Gold, El Dorado: III. Demolished Lives, El Dorado: IV. F E A R, El Dorado: V. The Grandchildren of Apes, Living in F E A R, The Leavers: I. Wake Up in Music,The Leavers: II. The Remainers, The Leavers: III. Vapour Trails in the Sky,The Leavers: IV. The Jumble of Days, The Leavers: V. One Tonight, Easter,The New Kings: I. Fuck Everyone and Run,The New Kings: II. Russia's Locked Doors,The New Kings: III. A Scary Sky,The New Kings: IV. Why Is Nothing Ever True?,Man of a Thousand Faces,Gaza, Encore: This Strange Engine.

Band lne-up: Steve Hogart - vocals, piano, acoustic guitar; Steve Rothery – electric guitars, acoustic guitars; Mark Kelly – keyboards; Pete Trewavas – bass guitar; Ian Mosley – drums, percussion.]







Steve Rothery


Pete Trewavas


Mark Kelly





Steve Hogarth


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Feature links:

THE LORELEI PROG ROCK FESTIVAL, ST. GOARSHAUSEN, GERMANY - 2017 - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]





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