Argentina & Chile,

7th March - 28th March 2010

[4 - Refugio Frey return to Bariloche]

  The Patagonian yeti strikes again!



Dawn breaks over Lake Tonček as the yeti makes a dash.





The waters of Lake Tonček and surrounding serrated peaks, once carved out by glaciers.




Friday 12th March

Dawn was interrupted by Kelson's abrupt, unannounced frolic in the flesh, appearing in the shadows cast by the mountains, like some surreal apparition of the Andean yeti, as he stripped off and plunged into Tonček. We all knew him to be a man of the bush but this elevated him into the realms of near insanity, proving to us that tour Brazilian is as daft as a flaming brush! The return journey soon swung into gear after a breakfast of yoghurt and muesli washed down with a tea courtesy of Ralph's new K-Way stainless steel kettle. Notwithstanding a later brief stop for tea in the forest, we returned without the additional lunch break as well, instead having a bite and a beer at one of the restaurants at Villa Catedral on completion of the walk, whilst waiting for the Via Bariloche mini-bus to fetch us. We had covered a distance of some 19 km there and back. A German couple who had asked us for a lift to Bariloche had actually done the full circular walk, of which the Refugio Frey return walk forms just one section.

At Refugio Frey, Kelson readies himself for the return.






Crossing over a bridge and stream below Refugio Frey, we stopped for a tea break and photo shoot.


On the approach to Villa Catedral, having covering a distance over 19 km there and back.



Villa Catedral serves as a ski resort in winter; Ralph and Kelson basking in the sun at Bariloche.


Back at Petunia campsite, we showered, during which time I managed to break the sink which was held in place by a layer of silicon only, whilst doing some washing. Use of the facility for the purposes of washing clothing and the like was, strictly speaking, not allowed, which I would have known if I had actually read the sign in Spanish above the sink. I apologised profusely to the owner later when he came by to repair it, though, in response, he made light of it. The mini-bus had waited for us during this period and after boarding, we rushed into Bariloche town, where Kelson exchanged US$ for Chilean pesos on behalf of Ralph and I. We shopped for gas canisters but not before we had treated ourselves to a quick snack at Cocodrilo!  Despite having made adjustments to my rucksack, Elena was keen that I should ditch it and invest in another one, though my finances probably ruled that out. Dinner had been planned in Bariloche itself but a proposal for a return to Cora's delightful Cosa de Tanos just across from the camp site on Avenida Bustillo, proved a more convenient arrangement.


Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

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