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The 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament was held in nine cities across South Africa from June 11 to July 11. This was the first time the World Cup was staged in Africa. The R4.5 billion Green Point Stadium (now officially the Cape Town Stadium) was the centrepiece for 2010 in Cape Town.  The stadium completed by December 2009, some six months ahead of the start of the tournament, by which time all other venues had been completed. The stadium, which boasts a capacity of 68000 seats, hosted eight 2010 FIFA World Cup™ games, including a semi-final. Below are some images of Green Point Stadium during its development.  This page therefore serves as a tribute to the city of Cape Town in playing its part in staging this iconic event.


What they said about the World Cup in South Africa.........


- Let's blow our vuvuzelas for a bright South African future -

"The tournament gave an absolute deadline to South Africa for the introduction and improvement of all kinds of infrastructure – not just sports grounds, but roads and bridges and airports and bus lanes that would otherwise not have been built and which will benefit the country for decades to come. Above all, the World Cup has given this country something intangible but priceless: a deep sense of pride that it has taken on something difficult and done it well. " 

Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph June 2010


- South Africa Rolls Out the Ubuntu in Abundance -

"South Africans are drinking deeply from the cup of humanity that has been brought to their doorstep. I would never imagine that an American World Cup or Olympics would ever be this welcoming to the rest of the world. And that saddens me for the state of my home country, but it also makes me feel the pride of the South African people.

I have been truly humbled on this trip. And while I have my gripes regarding development here, I cannot say one negative thing about how South Africa has handled its duties as host and hostess to the world. If I could say one thing to sum up being here during this once-in-a-lifetime experience, it would be that I've learned the value of Ubuntu, and that when found and offered in abundance, the world is indeed a better place to live in. " 

Shari Cohen, The Huffington Post, June 2010





















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