My Royston Home


Colleague and friend Mohamad working the floors; View from bedroom window.


Main bedroom window; Chaos in the bedroom (Built-in cupboards TBC)!


First floor landing and stairway.


Front view facade and porch.


Front porch and lounge (decoration TBC).


Lounge (decoration TBC).


View from rear spare bedroom over garages and back garden (mine is the narrow section between fences & the shed with the green door).


View of Garden walk extension (private lane) and Garden Walk Road, from terraced roof; View across the lane of front neighbours.


View across Garden walk extension (private lane) from terraced roof; View across the lane of nearby homes.


Neighbour Chris hard at work doing the brickwork and installing the chimney pots, prior to flaunching.


Rear views from terraced roof scaffolding of gardens and the distant ridge across Royston, at midday and late afternoon.


Chris pointing brickwork; Chris and Brian about to hoist chimney pots to the scaffolding.


Rear view from terraced roof.


A proud Chris after completing installation of chimney pots; The saga of the Garden Walk chimney pots - the completed job, September 2006.


Garden walk winter scenes on the morning of 24th January 2007 - views from front and rear windows.



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